My Kid Has ADHD!! Now What?

My Kid Has ADHD Now What

My 13 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD-PI at the age of 6. I’ll never forget the day we got that paper from the doctor we’d only met with once. They had evaluated our family life, his educational ability, and our effectiveness as parents and boiled it down to one piece of paper. I’m […]

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So Why Did I Decide to Homeschool Again?


Oh, you didn’t know. I can’t say we’re a full in sold out, rage against the machine, homeschool family. But we do homeschool our 13 year old son. I suppose we should have seen it coming. We struggled through the public school system for many, many years. Trying to get assistance for his ADHD-PI. Trying to […]

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Just Stop Moving


Toddlers. Just the word is exhausting! 2 syllables is way too much when you just finished chasing a toddler. This is Louli! She’s our baby and our last! She was actually a VERY unexpected surprise! But man has she added so much to this family. She is just relaxed into herself and so so silly. […]

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And Then He Turned 13


Raising boys is hard! Especially when they turn 13 without permission. This is Bubby! At least we call him Bubby! Or Bubbies! He is super smart and has the kindest heart. He also just turned 13. And then I started to cry. You see being 13 comes with a whole lot of weird stuff. It’s […]

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