Time4Learning Hacks for Homeschoolers

Time 4 Learning Hacks for Homeschool

It’s official. We’ve launched into our second year of homeschooling! This last year has been a crazy, thrilling, exhausting, frustrating, infuriating, fulfilling, discouraging, emotional, triumphant, and unreal ride. Are there more adjectives for “all over the map”? Public school was a struggle for my ADHD son. We had run in’s with his teachers, educators who […]

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Don’t Say These Things To Homeschool Moms

homeschool mom

We’re rounding out our first year of homeschooling. The end of the year is coming! I feel it. We’ve managed to make it through the school year fairly unscathed. But it’s never ceases to amaze me the stories I hear from homeschooling families. I know homeschooling is different. I also know lots of Mom’s can’t […]

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